Zeitumstellung bei der ATMOS – Wie gehe ich am Besten vor?

Dear ATMOS friends,

changing the time on an Atmos clock is a bit complicated and that is why many Atmos owners hesitate to do it or even do it wrong. If you make a mistake, you could seriously damage the clock which is why I have summarised what you need to do to set the time in an easy step-by-step tutorial. Setting the time should be a quick and stress-free little “repair” – both for you and for your ATMOS!

Minutenzeiger NIE rückwärts drehen

WRONG: do not turn the minute hand backwards as seen in the picture.

Please note:
Never ever turn the second o minute hand backwards!

Do not touch the dial with your bare fingers – even the faintest sweat particles can leave stains it over the years, and, unlike a lot of other stains, they cannot be removed.

When setting the time from summer to winter time (meaning you go back one hour) please do the following:

  1. Let the rotating pendulum run to the right side until it reaches the turning point and almost stands still for the fracture of a second.
  2. When it has reached this specific point, lock it in place by turning the stopping lever to the right.
  3. Now turn the minute hand 11 rounds forward, meaning you turn it 11 hours forward and thus adjust the new time. Do not turn it backward although it might seem like the logic or faster option – you could damage the clock.
  4. Once you have set the time, release the stopping lever – you are done!
Minutenzeiger ausschließlich vörwärts bewegen - und das Zifferblatt nicht berühren....

CORRECT: Turn the minute hand forward and be careful to not touch the dial directly…

Again, please make sure to not turn the minute hand backwards.

If you stick to these short instructions, nothing can go wrong.