Clocks for sale

For many years now, we have been selling all kinds of ATMOS clocks from our private collection on eBay. To extent our platform and reach more buyers worldwide, we opened this platform. You can purchase clocks via our eBay-Shop or, if you a clock on our website that you like, message us!

Every ATMOS for sale on this website has already been revisioned completely, which means it has been taken apart, cleaned, checked and reassembled and polished. Please make sure to read our item descriptions carefully. Every clock has its individual specialities. If you need any further information on a clock, just let us know! Some of the clocks we have on offer are as new in their original conditions, others are preloved items in perfect condition, some have been tweaked by us and turned into unique, one of a kind items: For example, we sell clocks that have unique color combinations because we re-plated some parts (we cooperate with a professional expert to put gold or silver plating on parts or add color, such as black, white, blue, red etc.). We happily provide a guarantee of over one year on all clocks we sell.

Please keep in mind that you are selling a fragile piece of antique history.

Should you be interested in a specific model/style of the ATMOS that you cannot find on our website or in our eBay shop, do not hesitate to contact us. We add new clocks to our sale-section continuously, so if you do not see your “Dream-ATMOS” online just yet, maybe it is just waiting at our office to be put up next or we know where to find it for you. 

All Prices are including taxes/differential taxation and you will receive a detailed receipt with your purchase.

We currently sell the following ATMOS clocks:

ATMOS Prestige

Limited ATMOS Prestige with original tabernacle

This is a very rare and limited edition ATMOS Prestige by Jaeger LeCoultre. Fully revisioned and in a pristine technical and optical condition!  Only 3.000 of this were produced in the 80ies. This ATMOS „Prestige“ was part of the Jaeger LeCoultre JLC catalogues from 1981 until 1988.

– Price on demand


Atmos Du Millenaire 3000, rhodinated

For sale is one of the most expensive, rare and unique ATMOS clocks ever made: an ATMOS Du Millenaire 3000, rhodinated. The famous Du Millenaire-clocks have been designed by French designer Robert Kohler. The shiny, blue-silver exterior of this astonishingly beautiful and the pictures do not do it justice. The see-through case of the clock and its rhodinated feet display the clock in all its glory…

With all the original wrapping and boxing, manual and “Livre d’or”, the leather-bound booklet for personal notes, or, if desired, your personal will. If you are interested in this beauty, please send us a message.

 – Reserved

 Atmos cal 540 newly nickel-plated with midnight-blue dial

This gorgeous ATMOS (calibre 540) has been professionally re-plated in nickel,except for some wheels and the barrel, just like it was originally. The clock just underwent a full revision. The color of the dial has also been reconditioned. The lock is in an excellent condition and looking for a new home!

– 2900,00Eur


 Atmos ” Vendome” Paris by Jaeger LeCoultre – black marble base

Jaeger LeCoultre & Cie ATMOS „Style“ Vendome Paris in excellent technical and optical condition!
Reference number: 5857, calibre: 526, serial number 498761. The clock is from 1978. The clock just underwent full revision. The clock runs perfectly, you will enjoy this for many, many, many years to come – we guarantee this.

– 2250,00Eur

Kal 526/5 mit nachblauem Zifferblatt

 Atmos V calibre 526 newly re-plated in nickel

This is a beautiful ATMOS, calibre 526/5 . It has just been re-plated in nickel, the dial has been re-coloured in midnight-blue. This can be sold with Roman or Arabic digits or “hour”-digits, as shown. If you are interested, send us a message!

– 2900,00Eur


Atmos cal. 560 24 ct gold-plated

This shiny gold ATMOS calibre 560 is the current successor of the so-called calibre 540 and is currently being build and sold by JLC. This one comes with all its original packaging and the manual.

– 3500,00Eur / differential tax

Atmos “Royale” Jager LeCoultre 24 kt gold-plated – shine and matt/brushed

This is a beauitful and (in this amazing condition very rare to find) example of an ATMOS “Royale”. Reference number: 5814
ATMOS calibre: 526 – Serial Number: 354232 from 1976.

– 3900,00Eur