FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Over the years, we have received a lot of questions regarding the ATMOS clock. Here, you can read the most commonly asked ones because we collected them and formed a couple of “Frequently asked questions – FAQ” for you. We want to add questions and answers from time to time. By doing so, we hope to answer a few of the questions you might have and to erase a couple of myths or worries people tend to connect the ATMOS clock with (such as – “the clock will not run at our home – we have newly isolated windows/ a newly isolated home!” – do not worry, this does not effect your clock. The slightest of temperature changes is sufficient for the clock to run perfectly).

If you have a questions that is not listed and answered down below, just message or call us! We will get back to you as soon as possible and answer whatever you want to know.

Our most commonly asked FAQ´s so far include:

Does an ATMOS clock need oil/grease to run?

Wie nivelliere/zentriere ich meine Atmos-Uhr richtig?

How do I adjust the time on my ATMOS (e.g. winter/summer time)?

Soon, you will also find the following questions answered here:
A buyers guide to purchasing ATMOS – our best advice when  buying pre-loved!
Can I see pior to purchacing a pre-loved ATMOS whether or not the pressure box is working?
What do I need to watch out for when sending or receiving an ATMOS via Mail delivery?
 How do I know the year of built of an ATMOS and/or its specific style?