Atmos service and repair

Your ATMOS needs a little help – maybe a revision?

Any ATMOS needs, depending on the environment its standing in, a revision every 10-25 years. You might have noticed that your old Atmos starts to slow down or stops running at all. If so, do not worry, we can perform a complete revision on any kind of ATMOS and bring it back to life! We have seen ATMOS that had run for 30 years without any problem, and some needed repairs 5 years after purchase. An ATMOS Du Millenaire for example can need a little bit of work done after 13-15 years, because it is one of the most complex styles.

To get an insight into the work that is needed to do a revision on an ATMOS, here you can see an ATMOS (calibre 549, roman dials) being disassembled by us:

We repair your ATMOS, no matter what condition it is in. You will get a repaired, cleaned and polished ATMOS, for a service charge of 230,00€ (plus Tax). Should there be additional costs due to a very complex and difficult revision, we will always inform you before we do any work so you know exactly how much the full repair of your clock will cost. Just contact us and tell us about your clock if you wish to send it in for a repair. Within only a few weeks, your clock will be back at home with you and shine and run as new. It usually takes up to four weeks for us to finish a clock from the day it’s sent in to the day you receive it back.

Usually, a normal service is enough to help your ATMOS getting back on track. If necessary, we also replace broken parts or dials. So far, there has not been a single ATMOS we could not fix and bring “back to life”!



We take apart the entire clock mechanism into all its individual single parts and screws. We clean every one of them, clean and polish the wheels, the dials, the clock face, the plates etc. We reassemble the clock and then check the accuracy of the clock by observing it closely for numerous weeks (which is why we do not sent it back to you ASAP but instead wait to see if the clock is in pristine condition and running smoothly). We also clean and polish the exterior and the glass windows of the clock. If you wish, we can also renew the gold/copper or silver plating of the exterior, change its colour etc. We are happy to discuss details with you in person, so please do not hesitate to contact us! All in all, our service includes:

  • Disassembling of the clock
  • inspection of all individual parts as well as the bellow / repair or replacement where necessary
  • cleaning of all clock parts
  • reassembling of the clock
  • adjustment of the clock and setting of the correct time
  • Finishing polish

This is what it looks like, if we take apart an ATMOS Vendome – which holds a calibre 526 -:

Shipping your ATMOS

You are welcome to bring your clock to us personally. You can also send it to us. If you wish to send it, please send me a message: Over the years, I have written a detailed step-by-step guide for my customers on how to wrap and package an ATMOS for its journey so it arrives safe and sound. If you want to bring your ATMOS to us in person, we have two offices for you to stop by: (Office A: 53343 – close to Bonn, Office B: 97072 – Würzburg). In both cases, please do contact us in advance so we can talk about the details of your visit and set a time and a date. We have already sent and received hundreds of clocks from all over the world, please rest assured your clock is in very good hands.

We also offer a special shipping option: We can send you a special shipping box for your ATMOS, it is designed to protect your clock as good as possible. If you wish to receive one of these boxes for your ATMOS Shipping, contact us, and we will give you the details on this offer.  Contact us for further details.